Scott Steacy

Scott Steacy
Industry Co-Chair

I have worked with TC Delivers for over 11 years.  I am a results-driven sales professional with over 20 years of experience in B2B, Marketing, Advertising & Print to mail services. My main goal has always been to assist my clients in achieving their mailing needs from mail design, postage savings & tracking. We strive to provide the most economical postage options to cut costs when its possible along with the fastest delivery options as well.  We process and presort  First-Class Letters & Flats, Standard or Marketing Mail, Non Profit mail, Parcels, and BPM.  We also offer statement printing,full digital color options tailored for each mailing. With the knowledge & understanding of USPS standards and regulations, we are able to assist you with the best options and provide directions to suit your needs.  

TCD operates three self-functioning direct mail processing centers all within three hours of each other.  If one of our centers becomes inoperable, one (or both) of the other centers has the capacity to perform the necessary functions required of all clients.   TC has warehouse space in each facility to maintain forms and envelopes in multiple locations. We have duplications of all of our services in all 3 locations. direct mail target, keeping in mind that we want to also save them on their outgoing postage.

TC Delivers is one of the pre-eminent service providers in our industry.  In fact, it is our personalized service to our clients and our unwavering commitment to postal standards that makes us unique.  Our staff consists of some of the highest skilled, most dedicated employees in the business.  At TC Delivers our sales, client service, and production teams work hard to earn the confidence and loyalty of our customers by providing them first-class service every day.

The extra investment in looking beyond pricing and capabilities will pay off handsomely ensuring a mutually successful outsourcing relationship.  Rest assured, all outsourcing companies are not created equal.

We believe our continued success depends on faithfully adhering to a core set of principles that continually remind us of our customer's expectations.

During my downtime I enjoy spending as much quality time with my family and friends, I also enjoy boating, fishing, and soaking up as much sun in this wonderful place we get to call home. Florida

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Scott Steacy
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